PhD school in nanoscience and nanotechnology
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PhD Course in Physics (XXI Ciclo)
Andrea Benassi, Tutor: Prof. Elisa Molinari
Enrico Gualtieri, Tutor: Prof. Sergio Valeri
Fabrizo Moro, Tutor: Prof. Umberto Del Pennino
Lorenzo Pardini, Tutor: Prof. Franca Manghi


PhD Course in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (XXI Ciclo)
Luca Gragnaniello, Tutor: Prof. Sergio Valeri
Vijayaharan A Venugopal, Tutor: Prof. Giampero Ottaviani


PhD Course in Physics (XXII Ciclo)
Valentina Boni, Tutor: Prof. Franca Manghi
Roberto Guerra, Tutor: Prof. Stefano Ossicini
David Kammerlander, Tutor: Prof. Elisa Molinari


PhD Course in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (XXII Ciclo)
Nicola Spallanzani, Tutor: Prof. Franca Manghi
Nguyen Tuyen, Tutor: Prof. Marco Affronte

PhD Course in Physics (XXIII Ciclo)
Michele Amato. Tutor: Prof. Stefano Ossicini.
Giulia Lorusso. Tutor: Prof. Marco Affronte
Claudio Manzato. Tutor: Prof. Mauro Ferrario
Massimo Rovatti. Tutor: Prof. Sergio Valeri


PhD Course in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (XXIII Ciclo)
Paola Serena D'Agostino. Tutors: Prof. Marco Affronte & Prof. Paolo Facci
Alessandro Di Cerbo. Tutors: Prof. Andrea Alessandrini & Prof. Elisa Molinari

Luca Incerti. Tutor: Prof. Stefano Frabboni.

Maria Luisa Caiazzo. Tutor:
Giada Casini. Tutor:
Corrado Sciancalepore. Tutor:



2008 (XX Ciclo)
• Benedetta Bonferroni
  Tutor: Prof. Elisa Molinari
• Fabrizio Buscemi
  Tutor: Prof. Carlo Jacoboni
• Rosario Capozza
  Tutor: Prof. Mauro Ferrario
• Flavia Crispoldi
  Tutor: Prof. Carlo Mariani
• Alberto Ghirri
  Tutor: Prof. Marco Affronte
• Federico Iori
  Tutor: Prof. Stefano Ossicini
• Diego Marchetto
  Tutor: Prof. Sergio Valeri
• Deborah Prezzi
  Tutor: Prof. Eleisa Molinari

2007 (XIX Ciclo)
• Dr. Fabio Affinito
  Ion channels and lipid bilayers. A computational study from atomistic to mesoscopic scale
  Tutor: Prof. Rossella Brunetti
• Dr. Elena Angeli
  Metallo-protein-based hybrid nano-devices: a novel approach to molecular electronics
  Tutor: Prof. Paolo Facci
• Dr. Stefania Benedetti
  Rock-salt metal oxides structure, morphology and interaction with metal overlayers
  Tutor: Prof. Sergio Valeri
• Dr. Giovanni Bramanti
  Car-Parrinello study of the structural and vibrational properties of the dimethyldisulphide molecule
  Tutor: Prof. Giorgio Santoro
• Dr. Andrea Candini
  Hall probe magnetometry for the study of molecular magnets
  Tutor: Prof. Marco Affronte
• Dr. Sara Federica Contri
  Study of magnetic anisotropy in planar arrays of FIB-sculpted Fe nanoelements
  Tutor: Prof. Sergio Valeri
• Dr. Daniele Ercolani
  Transport properties of InGaAs based devices
  Tutor: Prof. Lucia Sorba
• Dr. Alessandro Gambardella
  Microscopy and spectroscopy investigation of innovative molecular materials
  Tutor: Prof. Umberto del Pennino
• Dr. Agostino Migliore
  Theory of electron transfer in biomolecular systems
  Tutor: Prof. Elisa Molinari
• Dr. Alessio Spessot
  Quantitative methods in CBED/TEM strain analysis
  Tutor: Prof. Stefano Frabboni
• Dr. Carlo Vecchini
  Neutron scattering investigations of novel nanostructured magnetic materials
  Tutor: Prof. Oscar Moze


2006 (XVIII Ciclo)
• Dr. Devis Bellucci
  Correlated electronic states in artificial molecules under magnetic fields
  Tutore: Dr. Guido Goldoni and Dr. Massimo Rontani
• Dr. Fabio Bussolotti
  Anchoring of S-headgroup organic molecules on Cu(100) as
  self assembled monolayers: electronic properties and adsorption geometry

  Tutor: Prof. Carlo Mariani
• Dr. Emiliano Cancellieri
  Many-Particle Wigner Function for Transport Theory
T  utor: Prof. Carlo Jacoboni
• Dr. Clotilde S. Cucinotta
  Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Chemisorption on Silicon Substrates
  Tutor: Prof. E. Molinari.
• Dr. Laura Felisari
  Transmission Electron Microscopy in Amorphous Materials Characterization
  Tutor: Prof. S. Frabboni.
• Dr. Eleonora Luppi
  First Principle Studies of Silicon Nanocrystals: Structural Properties, Excited States,
  Stokes Shift, Doping and Optical Properties

  Tutor: Prof. Stefano Ossicini.
• Dr. Claudia Menozzi
  FIB-assisted nanofabrication of probes and substrates for innovative SPM implementations
  Tutor: Dr. Paolo Facci
• Dr. Mattia Mulazzi
  Matrix element effects and magnetic dichroism and in angle-resolved valence band
  photoemission from simple and correlated hcp surfaces

  Tutor: Prof. G. Rossi
• Dr. Christophe Nacci
  Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigation of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
  Tutor: Prof. S. Modesti


2005 (XVII Ciclo)
• Dr. Emilia Annese
  Applications of Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering in the soft and hard x-ray ranges
  Tutors: Prof. Carlo M. Bertoni and Prof. Lucio Braicovich
• Dr. Giovanni Bussi
  Excited states in low-dimensional systems
  Tutors: Prof. Elisa Molinari and Dr. Alice Ruini
• Dr. Flavio Capotondi
   Structural and transport studies of InAlAs/InGaAs quantum wells
  Tutor: Prof. Lucia Sorba
• Dr. Manuela Cavallari
  Molecular Dynamics Simulations of (Bio)molecules in Solution
  Tutor: Prof. Mauro Ferrario.
• Dr. Leonardo Di Giustino
  Ab inizio study of NiO-Fe interfaces: electron states and magnetic configurations
  Tutor: Prof. Franca Manghi.
• Dr. Giulio Ferrari
  Effect of Contact Proximity on Quantum Transport in Mesoscopic Semiconductor Systems
  Tutor: Prof. Carlo Jacoboni
• Dr. Andrea Ferretti
  Transport properties of molecular nanostructures
  Tutor: Prof. Elisa Molinari.
• Dr. Mimmo Gerunda
  Metalloproteins at Surfaces for Biomolecular Electronic Applications
  Tutor: Dr. Paolo Facci


2004 Physics (XVI Ciclo)
• Dr. Fabio Cinti
  Chiral Phase Transitions on quasi-1D frustrated spin systems
  Tutor: Prof. Marco Affronte and Prof. A. Rettori
• Dr. Marco Liberati
  Investigation of metal/insulator thin films and patterns with applications
  to exchange coupling and spintronics

  Tutor: Prof. Sergio Valeri
• Dr. Luca Maragliano
  Methods and Applications of Molecular Dynamics simulations to biomolecules
  Tutor: Prof. Mauro Ferrario and Prof. Giovanni Ciccotti
• Dr. Maria Clelia Righi
  First-Principles studies on the homoepitaxial growth of SiC
  Tutor: Prof. Carlo M. Bertoni and Dr Alessandra Catellani
• Dr. Marcello Rosini
  Vertical transport in superlattices
  Tutor: Prof. Carlo Jacoboni
• Dr. Gianluca Selvaggi
  Crescita in dipendenza dalla temperatura del sistema CaF2/Si(001):
  proprietÓ elettroniche e strutturali

  Tutor: Prof. Stefano Nannarone


2003 Physics (XV Ciclo)
• Dr. Francesco Allegretti
  Self-organization of aromatic sulphur-containing molecules on copper:the MBO/Cu(001) system
  Tutor: Prof. Carlo Mariani
• Dr. Arrigo Calzolari
  Nucleoside-based solids as wide-bandgap semiconductors: electronic properties and transport
  Tutor: Prof. Elisa Molinari and Dr. Rosa Di Felice
• Dr. Paolo Ferriani
  Diffusione anelastica risonante di raggi X e dicroismo circolare
  magnetico da metalli di transizione 3d

  Tutor: Prof. Carlo Bertoni
• Dr. Chiara Giovanardi
  Epitaxy of MgO and NiO thin films on Ag(001)
  Tutor: Prof. Sergio Valeri and Dr. Alessandro Di Bona
• Dr. Marcello Luppi
  Optoelectronic properties of silicon based low-dimensional structures:
  oxidized silicon nanodots and silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO2

  Tutor: Prof. Stefano Ossicini
• Dr. Ivan Marri
  X-ray absorption and resonant scattering in noncentrosimmetric crystals
  Tutor: Prof. Carlo M. Bertoni and Dr. Paolo Carra


2002 Physics (XIV Ciclo)
• Dr. Andrea Bertoni
  Simulation of coherent electron transport in nanostructures: a proposal for
  solid states quantum gates

  Tutor: Prof. Carlo Jacoboni
• Dr. Alberto Rota
  Crescita, struttura e morfologia di film sottili epitassiali
  Tutor: Prof. Umberto Del Pennino
• Dr. Filippo Troiani
  Optics of semiconductor quantum dots: coherent processes and quantum information processing
  Tutor: Prof. Elisa Molinari


2001 Physics (XIII Ciclo)
• Dr. Riccardo Benedetti
  Microstructural study of thick-film resistors by use of synchrotron radiation
  Tutor: Prof. Maria Prudenziati and Prof. Settimio Mobilio
• Dr. Raffaella Capelli
  Synchrotron line at ELETTRA
  Tutor: Prof. Stefano Nannarone
• Dr. Elena Degoli
  Si quantum wells: a way for silicon optolectronics?
  Tutor: Prof. Stefano Ossicini
• Dr. Stefano Monastra
  Role of electron-electron correlation in high Tc superconductors
  Tutor: Prof. Franca Manghi
• Dr. Andrea Orlandi
  Many-body states and addition specra of semiconductor quantum dots:
  the effects of dielectric mismatch

  Tutor: Prof. Elisa Molinari
• Dr. Carlo Antonio Pignedoli
  Surface effects in GaN growth
  Tutor: Prof. Carlo M. Bertoni
• Dr. Carlo Andrea Rozzi
  Theory of core level photoemission in transition metal oxides
  Tutor: Prof. Franca Manghi